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Payments and Commissions

As a licensed independent insurance broker, we do not underwrite any insurance policy presented through our Services. Any premium quotes or ranges displayed on the Site are non-binding, and the final premium is determined by the underwriting insurance company post-application. Insurance product availability varies by state and individual circumstances, with additional coverage limits possibly required in your state.

While we may receive commissions or other compensation from insurance companies for policies sold, these are integrated into the policy cost, with no additional charges to you. The specific compensation can vary based on factors such as product type, insurer, and business volume. Importantly, we do not show favoritism based on compensation; our primary commitment is advocating for your best interests.

Your use of certain Services may require you to agree to additional terms and conditions, or enter into separate agreements with us or applicable third-party insurance carriers. Any third-party insurance products purchased by you through the Site are subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable insurance carrier.

Not Legal or Tax Advice

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Accuracy Disclaimer

Profitise Insurance Solutions LLC, its affiliates, and owners cannot guarantee or take responsibility for the accuracy of premium quotes provided online. The rates and eligibility criteria you qualify for depend on the underwriting guidelines of the insurance company(s). These rates can significantly differ from one carrier to another. Kindly note that the application request form does not constitute an application itself; it is a request for an application.

Policy Effective Date

It's important to understand that insurance coverage takes effect only after the insured individual has received the issued policy, paid the premium, and fulfilled any other policy delivery requirements mandated by the insurance company. Therefore, it is imperative not to terminate any existing insurance until the new policy is received and reviewed for accuracy.